Achlys is a leading cardiac ion channel company offering better solutions for measuring drug-associated cardiotoxicity

Our expert team from the Universities of Alberta and Calgary offer novel computational and biological assay systems to tell you if your drug candidates inhibit the hERG ion channel or other components within human cardiomyocytes

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Dr. Sergei Noskov

How Can Achlys Help You?

One of the most common off-target effects for pharmaceutical drugs is via the cardiac hERG potassium channel. Blocking this channel can cause cardiotoxicity as can other off-target reactions within the human cardiomyocyte itself. Achlys provides a novel human cardiomyocyte cell-line expressing hERG to allow functional assays for different kinds of drug-associated cardiotoxicity. In addition, Achlys offers three different but complementary services you can use to improve your drug cardiotoxicity testing.
Dr. Henry Duff

Achlys In Silico

Our novel machine-learning software provides an estimation of your drug’s predicted ability to block hERG. You can input the structures of your library of compounds and our software will rapidly tell you which are predicted to be blockers and non-blockers to guide your drug development programs.

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Achlys In Vitro

We have developed a human ventricular cardiomyocyte cell line expressing hERG that you can use in a manual or automated patch-clamping machine to screen your compounds for functional blocking of this key ion channel. Use of this novel cell-line also offers other types of cardiotoxicity to be detected.

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Achlys Services

Just send us your compounds and our experienced team of researchers will use our novel human cardiomyocyte cell line to test your compounds and tell you which ones block hERG and which ones display cytotoxicity in this cell-line. Use us to help refine your knowledge of drug-associated cardiotoxicity.

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