Turn to Achlys for all your hERG toxicity screening needs

Achlys currently offers both in silico and in vitro methods for hERG toxicology screening

Achlys In Silico

Achlys has developed a novel In Silico method for better predicting cardiotoxicity of small molecule drug candidates. By providing more and better predicative data, Achlys can provide better risk assessment, drug salvaging, and optimization based on better predictive hERG binding.

Using state-of-art supercomputing techniques, Achlys has produced the most useful In Silico model of the hERG ion channel to date. This tool should improve the safety, efficiency and speed of your drug development program.

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Achlys Cardiomyocytes

Other cell lines used including CHO and HEK, are either not human or are not cardiac. Achlys’ advantage lies in the use of human cardiomyocyte cell lines which provides a better physiological model. The other features of the cell line are:

Pure hERG current
High expression levels of hERG (1.5-2x more than current cell lines)
No ATP is needed
Cheaper media than hiPSC
Immortalized, not stem cells
Can be run at physiological temperatures

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Professional Services

Have the experts at Achlys assist you with your cardiotoxicity screening requirements, saving your program time and money.

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